Carl Linnaeus (li-nee-us)
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Botanist- (bo-tan-ist) Linnaeus was a type of scientist called a botanist. A botanist is someone who works with and studies plants. A botanist may discover many new plants unknown to the rest of the world.
May 23, 1707



Place of Birth
Rashult, Sweden 2.PNG
Råshalt, Sweden

Known For
He was an important botanist. He founded more than 100 new plant species in his whole life time. He named all of the plants that he found in his new and improved Latin names.

Science Explained
Linnaeus worked out new scientific, Latin, names for different plants. He thought that the names that other scientists had given the plants were not describing them well enough so he made up a new code for plant names. He used Latin words that described the looks of the plants, and sometimes even what they smelled like.

1707- Carl Linnaeus was born.
1728- Switched to Uppsala University.
1738- Became a medicine and botanist professor at Uppsala.
1735 -1738- Studied and published Systema Naturae in the Netherlands.
1740s- Sent on journeys to find and classify plants and animals.
1750s and 60s- Continued to classify plants and animals
1778- Carl Linnaeus died

Did you know?
  • Published a book called Hortus Cliffortianus.
  • Married Sara Lisa Moraea.
  • He had 6 children.
  • One of his children died at the age of three.
  • Carl von Linn√© was his Latin name.

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