Carl Linnaeus
By: Sarahp510
Early Life
vBorn May 23rd, 1707 in Rashult, Sweden
vCarl was given flowers too play with as a child
vAt the age of four, Carl wanted to know every flowers name in the area
vBy the time he went to college, Carl knew the names of every single plant near his home
Lapland Journeys
vCarl went to Lapland looking for undiscovered plantsSLP Carl Linnaeus Lapland.jpg
vHe became greatly fascinated with the animals there
vCarl saw pearl fishers on his journey
vThey had gone through thousands of mussels and oysters looking for pearls
vCarl thought a disease created these pearls
v“Anyone who could induce this sickness in mussels could make them produce more pearls.” Page 50 of Father of Classification
vCarl housed over 100 specimens in his college dorm
vHe kept 30 different live birds at one time in his room
vCarl taught botany through lectures
BotanySLP Botany.jpg
vIs the study of plants
vOther names include Plant Science and Plant Biology
vIn botany, you would study what the plant looks like, how to classify it, its name, and how to describe it.
vIs important to the knowledge of plants
vExplains a lot about what we should or shouldn't consume

The Binomial Classification System

vThe binomial classification system classifies living things by their scientific name
vCarl Linnaeus came up with it
vThis method was used to classify and name the animals native to North America
vThis classification system is still used today
vThis is how you classify a grizzly bearSLP Carl Linnaeus.JPG
Traveling to Holland
vCarl traveled to Holland to get medical education in May 1735
vHe traveled with 7 other people
vThese 7 other people all had different jobs
vLike watching the horses, taking plant and animal samples, and finding some place to sleep
vWhen he was 27, Carl found love
vHe was in love with the 18 year old Sara Lisa
vHer father was a leading doctor
vThey were planning to get married soon but Sara Lisa’s dad refused
vAfter much begging he allowed them to marry in 3 years
vCarl finished his study there and wanted to meet the top scientists in Holland before he was reunited with Sara Lisa
vOne scientist, Dr. Johan Gronovius, agreed to help with publishing for Carl’s new book
vCarl wrote many books such as…
vSystema Naturae
vSpecies Plantarum 1753
v10th edition of System Naturae 1758
vHortus Cliffortianus
vGenera Plantarum
vFundamenta Botanica
vBibliotheca Botanica
vFlorra Lapponica
vA Tour in Lapland
vCritica Botanica
vLinnaeus’ Philosophia Botanica
SLP Carl Linnaeus Older.jpg
vClasses Plantarum
vCenturia Insectorum

vCarl suffered Uppsala Fever in 1764 but survived
vThis paralyzed his entire right side and made him lose his memory
vIn 1773 Carl had a stroke
vHe soon had a second stroke
vThis weakened him greatly
vHe died a few days later on January 10th, 1778
vCarl died at the age of 71 a very long time for the 1700’s


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