Antoine Lavoisier

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-Early Life and Education
  • Antoine Lavoisier was born in Paris on August, 26, 1743 and died in 1794 and lived to be up to be around 51. After he was educated in law he decided to study science at a well-known place known for science. He helped with a map of France and he helped find the main water supply in Paris at the young age as 25.

-His discoveries and accomplishments
  • When he did experiments he did a lot of weighting. He had some books and he worked with a different scientist and the other scientist discovered oxygen but Lavoisier proved it.

  • He was a chemist that worked with another scientist and the scientist that he worked with discovered oxygen but Antoine proved it. He proved it by redoing Priestly’s experiment and then Priestly he tried to take all the credit for the experiment but he was caught. Lavoisier introduced a chemical element that we put on the modern list of chemical elements.

  • Antoine Lavoisier was a chemist he made the first modern chemistry “cookbook”. He also showed what happened when a substance was burned also he proved that air and water were made of tiny substances.

  • He was the first to prove that they were not elements, He found out about the chemistry of living things like he showed what happened when animals breathe. He used science to do farming. He also improved gunpowder that was used in French wars.

  • He was one of the founders of modern chemistry and he proved that when wood get burned it does form loses oxygen making is lighter and when a metal gets burned it takes up oxygen making it heavier.

After his fame died down he worked in a fax agency and his old age of 51 he died.

Some Pictures

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a map of paris, france now
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