Ann Haven Morgan
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Ann was an American zoologist, ecologist, and a limnologist. She studied fresh water habitats, animal hibernations, and inland waters. She graduated from Cornell University in 1906.
May 6, 1882
June 5, 1966 at her home in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She died because of stomach cancer.
Place of birth
Waterford, Connecticut
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Known for
She is known for zoology. Zoology is the study of animals and animal life.
Science Explained
She studied animals and their behaviors to help improve their environment. What seems most obvious now about polluting the waters was not obvious until she did something about it. Since she spent most of her time outside, she realized that the animals did not look healthy. She did research on the waters/animals and thought that she should help to clean ponds and streams.

First, she was an instructor of zoology at Mount Holyoke College. She then became an Assistant Professor of zoology in 1914 and finally became a professor of zoology in1918. She wrote three books-
-"Field Book of Animals in winter"-1839
-“Field Book of Ponds and Streams” -1930
-"Kinship of Animal and Man" -1955
Did you know?
  • She had 2 other siblings
  • Nickname was water bug lady, and electric professor
  • Changed her name from Anna to Ann when she was 30
  • Limnology was her special subject
  • Has a son named Paul and he is serious lepidopterist

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