• Andreas Vesalius -vgt andreas vesalius.jpg
  • Occupation – Vesalius was an anatomist. An anatomist is a person who studies the structure of living things like humans, animals, and plants.
  • Birth – He was born on December 31, 1514 vgt brussels belgium.JPG
  • Death –He died on October 15, 1564 on the Greek island of Zacnythus.
  • Place of Birth – Brussels, Belgium
  • Known For – He was the founder of modern human anatomy. He disproved Galen’s theory about how men had one less rib than women, and Aristotle’s theory that the brain was the center of emotion instead of the heart, and he started doing work on dead humans to find out more about the human body. He created the principle that true medical knowledge had to come from human dissections, not animals.
  • Science explained – In Vesalius’s time, people followed Galen’s rules from his medical studies, like how men had one less rib than women. But, Galen studied and dissected apes, which he thought were the same as humans. He studied in the days of the Romans, which didn’t allow human dissection. When Vesalius came along, he was able to dissect humans, which helped a lot in disproving Galen and Aristotle’s theories. He also used this to find out about muscle placement in the body and do work on each of the body’s systems.

  • Career –
    • 1537: Appointed chair of anatomy at University of Padua.
    • 1541: Told everybody that Galen used apes for his dissections.
    • 1543: Published his groundbreaking work, the Fabrica.
    • 1545: Joined the Imperial Court of Charles

  • Did you know –
  • He was married to Anne van Hamme for 20 years
  • His dad and grandfather were both pharmicists.
  • He went by five names
  • Might of stopped his anatomical research after publishing the Fabrica because he caused bitter controversy over him disproving Galen's theories.
  • Publishd the world’s first textbook of anatomy.
  • After Vesalius, medicine changed more from philosophy to a science
  • He was a military physician
  • Made the world’s oldest anatomical prepation
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