Andreas Vesalius’ Early LifeBy:Grants959
  • Andreas was born in Belgium in December 1514.
  • Went to universities of Louvain for 4 years, then after went to study medicine at universities in Paris.
  • Enrolled in the University of Padua.
What made Andreas Vesalius famous?
  • He was famous for proving a very strongly believed anatomist named Galen wrong.
  • He was the first to start dissecting human body’s in order to understand them.
  • He made many medicines for many diseases.
  • He made magnificent illustrations of the human body in his time.
  • It was said his medicine became a science.
  • His work was the most accurate in his time.

What he did as a scientist
  • Andreas Vesalius is an Anatomist.
  • He dissected human bodies to discover how they work.
  • Tried to open up a new world of medicine.
  • One of the main things he dissected was the blood and nervous systems.
  • Was once a military surgeon.
  • Was extremely skilled at dissection.
  • Sadly died in 1564 at the age of 50.

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Later life and Death
  • Did not believe in Catholics.
  • Andreas was accused of dissecting a live human being.
  • His sentence was originally accused of atheism and was going to be killed but then it was reduced to banishment on an island.
  • While getting there his boat crashed, he was fished out of the sea but died shortly after.


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