Amedeo Avogadroby Obinnam614

Early life
Amedeo Avogadro was born in Turin, Italy.
(born Aug. 9, 1776, Turin, —died July 9, 1856, Turin)

  • Amedeo Avogadro came from a long line of lawyers, and used to be a lawyer, too
  • Studied electricity
  • He was invited to the Academy of sciences

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  • Amedeo Avogadro was a founder of physical chemistry
  • . He discovered that all gases of equal volume and temperature had the same amount of molecules
  • Avogadro determined the amount of elementary entities in the mole of a substance (6.02214129 ± 0.00000027) ×1023

effects of change in gas temperature-convection

Family ties
  • Amedeo married Felicita Mazzé of Biella in 1815
  • They had 6 kids
  • Son of Filippo Avogadro

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